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Committee to Receive Report of Millions in Savings to Taxpayers


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State Rep. Tom Gann
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A House committee is preparing to take testimony showing the yearly cost to Oklahoma taxpayers has decreased by millions of dollars as a result of reforms to the state's purchasing laws.

On Wednesday, Oklahoma State Purchasing Director Ferris Barger will provide his most recent savings report to members of the House Government Modernization Committee.

Barger's report is a result of past legislative purchasing reforms that were sponsored in response to an audit of Oklahoma's purchasing agency. Those reforms sought to refocus the agency on managing and driving down the cost of items that are commonly used by most state agencies.

The reforms also require the release of an annual savings report so the Legislature can track the implementation of the savings effort.

The latest report shows $76 million in savings during the 2016 fiscal year. This savings amount is a combined result of both traditional purchasing contract savings and information technology purchasing reforms from Oklahoma's newly unified Information Technology agency.

"Modernized purchasing policies have saved the taxpayer millions, and it's our duty to ensure they save millions more," explained committee Vice Chair Tom Gann, R-Inola. "We are committed to doing what we can to assist state purchasing officials in their effort to enact continued and growing savings."

Barger's testimony will take place during the committee's 10:30 a.m. meeting. The public is invited to attend or to listen live on the Internet.

The most recent savings report may be viewed at https://www.ok.gov/DCS/documents/ProcurementSavingsReportFY2016.pdf.

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