Oklahoma State Representative Jason Murphey

Chairman Government Modernization Committee

Oklahoma Osage Shield

Yet another reform of state government process


During a recent legislative hearing, we were told of the state's planned modernization of its human resource management system.

According to state officials, the new system will provide the state with a real-time view of the state's human capital resources, allow for better strategic planning, and enable employees to easily identify and promote to positions within state government even when the open positions are within the purview of another state agency.

This contrasts with the current system that deprives state officials of a real-time view of human resources, and is implemented differently from agency to agency.

The new unified system is expected to be in place by January, 2018.

This is exciting news! With this new system, human resource officials are starting to break down more of the unnecessary silos and barriers within state government.

For far too long, these barriers have kept state employees locked into positions beyond which there is limited opportunity for rapid advancement.

I believe that state government should be managed holistically and think it’s very inefficient that state employees are divided into silos and are so limited in the duties they are allowed to fill.

The new human resources system potentially allows state employees to deploy their specialized skills on behalf of multiple state agencies as opposed to remaining strictly siloed off within a single agency.

The initiative is the product of the ongoing effort to bring state agencies together to modernize and share resources. With the removal of these barriers, the state can operate as a single, unified entity and this will greatly empower employees and allow them to provide their skills and service, regardless of the agency within which they work.

This new culture of efficiency would not have been possible without the statutory reforms approved by the Legislature, the commitment of the state employees in state's Office of Management and Enterprise Services, and the willingness of state agencies to work together to implement new best practices.

Jason Murphey